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A Forum for Theology in the World Journals

A Forum for Theology in the World is an academic refereed journal aimed at engaging with issues in the contemporary world, a world which is pluralist and eucumenical in nature. The journal reflects this pluralism and ecumenism. Each edition is theme specific and has its own editor responsible for the production. The journal aims to elicit and encourage dialogue on topics and issues in contemporary society and within a variety of religious traditions. The Editor in Chief welcomes submissions of manuscripts, collections of articles, for review from individuals or institutions, which may be from seminars or conferences or written specifically for the journal. An internal peer review is expected before submitting the manuscript. It is the expectation of the publisher that, once a manuscript has been accepted for publication, it will be submitted according to the house style to be found at the back of this volume. All submissions to the Editor in Chief are to be sent to: hdregan@

Each edition is available as a journal subscription, or as a book in print, pdf or epub, through the ATF Press web site — Journal subscriptions are also available through EBSCO and other library suppliers.

Editor in Chief

Hilary Regan, ATF Press

A Forum for Theology in the World is published by ATF Theology and imprint of ATF (Australia) Ltd (ABN 90 116 359 963) and
is published twice or three times a year.
ISSN 1329-6264 



Aust $65 Individuals

Aust $90 Institutions

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Islam: Its Beginnings and History, Its Theology and Its Importance Today (PAPERBACK)
$USD 16.75
Robert Crotty has studied History, Christian Theology, Biblical Studies and Education in Australia, Rome and Jerusalem. He has been a tutor in History and Classics at
Melbourne University and lecturer and Professor in History and Religion Studies at the University of South Australia and its predecessors.

Terence Lovat has degrees in Theology, Anthropology and Education. He has taught and researched in these areas for the past thirty years. One of his main research
areas concerns Islam and its relations with Christianity and Judaism. He is currently an Emeritus Professor at The University of Newcastle and holds an honorary post at
Oxford University. Learn More

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This Time in the Church (PAPERBACK)
$USD 21.86



Frank Brennan SJ, is a Jesuit priest, professor of law at Australian Catholic University and Adjunct Professor at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, the Australian National University College of Law and the National Centre for Indigenous Studies. His latest books are No Small Change: The Road to Recognition for Indigenous Australiaand Amplifying That Still, Small Voice.


Chris Geraghty, is a retired judge of the District Court of New South Wales. He is the author of three memoirs of his time in the seminary and in the priesthood: Cassocks in the Wildness—Remembering the Seminary at Springwood (2001), The Priest Factory—A Manly Vision of Triumph, 1958-1962 and Beyond (2003), and Dancing with the Devil—A Journey from the Pulpit to the Bench (2012).


Michael Kelly SJ, Executive Director, UCAN, Thailand, is an Australian Jesuit priest who has worked in media since the 1970s in print, radio, TV and more recently in the Internet.

Learn More

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Aspirations for Modernity and Prosperity (PAPERBACK)
$USD 25.51
‘Up to now the social character of Indonesian Pentecostalism
has remained something of a mystery. This book changes
the state of our knowledge entirely. Its chapters provide us
with important and often unexpected insights into Indonesian
Pentecostalism’s varied worship styles, organizational
diversity, and gender dynamics. No less remarkably, it explores
the nature of Pentecostal-Muslim relations and examines their
implications for Indonesian pluralism as a whole. In short, this
book is one of the most important ever written on Pentecostalism
in Asia. It should be read by everyone interested in religion
in Indonesia and in the late modern vitality and diversity of
Pentecostal Christianity.’

Robert W Hefner (Director of the Institute on Culture,
Religion, and World Affairs, Boston University; editor of Global
Pentecostalism in the 21st Century (2013)).

Robert W Hefner (Director of the Institute on Culture,
Religion, and World Affairs, Boston University; editor of Global
Pentecostalism in the 21st Century (2013)). Learn More

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Social Justice and the Churches: Challenges and Responsibilities (PAPERBACK)
$USD 18.21
Led off by the well-known Jesuit human rights advocate,
Professor Frank Brennan, the book includes contributions by:
Fr Max Vodola (Roman Catholic),
Revd Gerard Rose (Churches of Christ),
Revd Geoff Pound (Baptist),
Revd Raymond Cleary (Anglican),
Mark Zirnsak (Uniting Church),
Major Jenny Begent (Salvation Army) and
Fr Shenouda Boutros (Coptic Orthodox Church), with concluding reflections by Margaret Coffey (ABC Radio National). Learn More

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Public Theology in Law and Life (PDF)
$USD 11.64
Brian Edgar is Professor of Theological Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary (USA) although primarily resident in Australia.

Paul Babie is Associate Professor, Adelaide Law School, and Director, Research Unit for the Study of Society, Law and Religion, both at The University of Adelaide.

David Wilson has training in Theology, Psychology, and the Social Sciences. His experience covers drug and alcohol counselling, lecturing at a tertiary level, academic administration, and involvement in various non profit organisations in management and governance roles.
Learn More

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Child Sexual Abuse, Society, and the Future of the Church (HARDBACK)
$USD 36.5
Contributors include Alan Cadwallader, Australian Catholic University, Canberra; Anne Drummond, Melbourne; Denis Minns OP, Sydney; Christopher Gergharty, Sydney; Michael Kelly SJ, Bangkok; Michelle Mulvihill, Sydney; Michael Trainor, Catholic Theological College, Adelaide and Bernard Treacy OP, Dublin.
Editor: Hilary D Regan, publisher, PAPERBACK, who has edited Christ and Context (T&T Clark), Science and Theology (T&T Clark), and Faith Matters (PAPERBACK). Learn More

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World United or a World Exploited? Christian Perspectives on Globalisation (HARDBACK)
$USD 24.05
In this issue of Interface, scholars from the Yarra Institute for Religion and Social Policy within Melbourne’s University of Divinity tackle key aspects of globalisation.

� Stephen Ames examines how religious belief adds a depth of meaning to human wellbeing and personhood, and a moral context for our response to globalisation.
� John D’Arcy May considers how world religions can work collaboratively to enhance human wellbeing. He challenges the ‘secularisation thesis’, noting also the growing influence of Buddhism and Islam.
� Bruce Duncan argues that the Global Financial Crisis is fundamentally a moral one exacerbated by neoliberal economics. To avoid such crises, economic policies must concentrate on promoting social equity and human wellbeing for everyone.
� Rowan Ireland highlights the contradictions in the effects of globalisation in a Brazilian shanty-town, showing how these processes can disempower poorer people, but if well managed can develop resources in local struggles for justice and human rights.
� Robyn Reynolds considers how all religious traditions can manifest the divine in the world and promote the struggle for human wellbeing. Christian mission today involves listening to the poor and marginalised, especially women and indigenous peoples.
� Jim and Therese D’Orsa focus on the role of education in helping develop a framework of meaning to make sense of the world and interpret people’s personal experience.
� Wes Campbell draws from the German theologian, Ernst Troeltsch, to examine the relativising effects on religions and cultures of globalisation.

Editor: Dr Peter Price is Lecturer at Yarra Theological Union, a College of the University of Divinity, and Adjunct Senior Research Fellow (History) of Monash University School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies. Learn More

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Children, Adolescents, and Spirituality (PAPERBACK)
$USD 14.56
Edited by Marian de Souza and Winifred Wing Han Lamb Learn More

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